What to expect

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:30 am. When you arrive at our church, you'll find a well trained and friendly hospitality team who are ready to make you feel welcomed and safe. At Connect Central, you will receive a first timer's bag with information about our church and a special gift. 

We aren't concerned with how you dress. Just wear clothes and be comfortable. 

We have all types of people here - families with kids, single adults, seniors, and all shapes, sizes, and colors! 

You'll get to experience worship through music with our live band, and a variety of modern praise and worship songs. Some people lift their hands and sing, and some do not. Worship however you feel comfortable! We also offer prayer during our worship time if you need it. 

You'll also enjoy an engaging message from one of our Pastors. Our prayer is that you will find the love of Christ and hope of the gospel each time you attend.